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wet t shirts,We are committed to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, maintaining a precautionary approach to environmental challenges reducing the overall carbon footprint of the company. Not only in Spain, but all over the world.

That is why our QSHE policy is paramount at Keyter. We firmly believe that striving for quality and safety in production and preventing damage to the environment are to the benefit of our company. The QSHE policy we have developed has become an integral part of our system and our daily performance. Every employee who works in the company, as well as the management that runs it, is conscious of his own responsibility when it comes to quality, safety, health and the environment.,sareeaunty


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Keyter’s Board of Management considers quality and respect for the environment as basic strategic parameters for the organization and recognizes that the customers’ satisfaction, its main concern, depends on the achievement of quality objectives.,porn lady

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In order to become the first brand in the industry and the first choice for our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and our employees, we are committed to the following goals.,royalcams

Achieve permanently our customers’ expectations, acting proactively, and anticipating their wishes in terms of Quality, Service and Price, for what it is mandatory to identify and measure the customers’ needs and expectations, in order to implement the necessary improvements to increase their satisfaction.,wet t shirts


big titls, Become a company with technological innovation capacity in collaboration with our Clients. Develop and innovate new products to adapt to their needs, improving continuously in all aspects.

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xempire, Engage our teams, facilitating access to the necessary technical training to improve the organizational performance at all levels with the aim of optimizing continuously our operations.

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xxx picters, Ensure that all our Systems Requirements are met (Management, Legal, Regulatory, Clients and other stakeholders) and boost our Management System on a continuous manner through planning, implementation, revision and update of the established Management Objectives.

Ensure the appropriate attention to the product safety challenges, providing resources to reduce any potential risk for Employees, Customers, Users and the Environment,xxx picters


sin porn, Increase our team’s motivation and skills to provide our customers, our shareholders and our partners with the expected added value, contributing to the prosperity of our human group and its social and professional fulfillment, through training and continuous development.


Encourage teamwork and team spirit, as well as ensure respect to each and every individual thanks to active Human Resources policies that provide with social responsibility and business ethics in all our practices.,sex in shop

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xxx big cock, Promote efficient and controlled working methodologies, so that resources are used in a responsible way and waste generated is minimized, with a clear commitment to prevent any environmental pollution.

Want to know more about QSHE?,omegle 12

Do you have any questions about our production process according to the environmental and quality policy? Please contact us.,mia split


royalcams,Committed to the environment

Keyter is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of equipment based on, among other, refrigeration and air-conditioning technologies, has been awarded as the best Spanish SME in the Environment category, in the 10th edition of the SME Awards organized by the business newspaper Expansion and the IFEMA, Madrid’s Trade Fair Institution.,sex free in


Keyter has been recognized for its remarkable work in R&D Projects developing new product lines that aim to optimize the air-conditioning equipment’s refrigerant charge, decreasing greenhouse gases and saving energy. Innovation efforts focused on developing and researching sustainable systems, like obtain drinking water from air humidity or refrigeration of food using solar energy, make Keyter a reference in the industry.,brazzer gif

The engineering organization Keyter Technologies, S.L. has made environment respect its main business strategy, since its R&D projects for the development of new product lines aim to optimize the refrigerant charge of the air-conditioning equipment, reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy. The efforts in innovation focused on sustainable development have made pornhub .su Technologies be awarded as the best Spanish SME in the Environment category.,breast nude


Among its flagship programs, there is atmospheric water generation technology, which allows to drinking water production from the air (Genaq,xempire ). With such an advanced technology, Keyter products are present in installations such as the European particle accelerator CERN (in Switzerland) or in the European Space Agency telescopes in Chile.

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xxx picters,At Keyter we fulfill the European Eco-Design Regulations, achieving a lower impact on the environment and reduced energy consumption.